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Gamebrain is our fun, engaging and competitive gamified learning app, accessible from anywhere. Create exciting, informative quizzes to boost your team's awareness and knowledge.

Employees have experienced a 60% increase in engagement with gamification. 

Access Learning solutions include our dynamic learning management system, a wide range of eLearning courses and our exciting gamification app, Gamebrain. 

Ranked in Top 10 LMS globally

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The Craig Weiss Group ranked Access Learning as a top 10 learning system globally in 2022.

Create, assign, deliver, manage and report on successful learning in your organisation.

Create a continuous learning culture with an LMS that engages and empowers employees.

Smart online learning

Engage your workforce

Access Learning is a globally-recognised Learning Management System that will help you deliver meaningful employee engagement programs, and inspire your people to embrace their professional development.

A world-class LMS for less than AUD$8 per user per month*

"The learning component through the Access LMS has been great. As a small business we don’t have a formal LMS, so having that available on Access Workspace has been really helpful; it’s a great bonus. The LMS has helped us in the training for Access Analytics, and having the courses there on the same platform saves us so much time,"

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Access Learning solutions include our dynamic learning management system, a wide range of eLearning courses and our exciting gamification app, Gamebrain. Get a solution designed for your business, to boost employee performance and development across your organisation.

Access Learning Solutions

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Career development for everyone 

Academic institutions, businesses, careers firms and membership bodies of all shapes and sizes use our platform to support the career development needs of their people. 

Users can develop and learn at their own pace, identifying in real-time areas for focus and improvement. Help your people build the confidence they need to develop and pursue their career goals and aspirations.

Supercharge professional development

Powerful reporting and analytics allow you to identify development gaps and deliver targeted and custom content via our interactive eLearning tools.

Interconnected and interactive

Deliver a more engaging experience for your people, support performance and development and achieve compliance.

Gamified learning

Gamified learning is a great way to help employees learn in the way that they want to learn, and for organisations to help make sure that important information sticks. 

The Access Gamebrain mobile app is fully integrated with Access Learning, and allows you to build quizzes or utilise a library of existing industry expert content that will reinforce the knowledge your employees need.

Detailed reporting

Generate reports across your entire organisation at the click of a button. See clear, real-time graphical reports, and filter reports by department, line manager or location. 

Generate fully configurable reports to gain visibility over staff performance against training requirements, with the ability to drill down to an individual level to see where action is needed.

eLearning libraries

Support effective and engaging learning in your organisation via our large and diverse selection of content libraries covering topics from personal and professional development, through to industry and role-specific courses. 

Your employees can access a range of microlearning, eLearning, quizzes, factsheets and workbooks – giving them the freedom to learn the way they want to learn.

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Access Workspace brings it all together

Get the most out of our LMS through Access Workspace - our single sign-on environment that includes all your day-to-day applications in a single environment. 

Access Learning Solutions can help your organisation deliver the ultimate employee experience. Create meaningful, interactive and engaging learning programs for your teams and deliver it right to their fingertips, via Access Workspace. 

17,000+ businesses and organisations in Australia and New Zealand that use our business management software and solutions are now 40% more efficient and enjoy greater productivity. Why not join them today? 

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* Subject to individual company requirements, features and total users 

Boost engagement with gamification and quiz builder tools

Identify development gaps and deliver targeted content

Assign and track learning pathways and mandatory training

Build custom content with eLearning tools

Access reporting and analytics

Schedule and manage mandatory and elective learning events

Support a remote workforce with handy intergrations

Let staff rate, share and discuss courses

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General Manager - Ribtex International

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