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Book a free demonstration of Access Legal Case Management software to see for yourself

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Book a free demonstration of Access Legal Case Management software to see for yourself

Why eInvoicing?

Interested in putting the ease into your invoicing?

Manage your cash flow better and reduce business admin with electronic invoicing. Send and receive invoices with suppliers and customers, quickly, safely and easily – even if they don’t use Access software.

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Safe, secure & reliable

Handisoft delivers effortless compliance

eInvoices are exchanged securely through a standardised network called Peppol, which enables different accounting systems to connect and exchange data. The network uses the buyer's and supplier's business identifier number, and the information feeds directly into your Access Attaché Accounts system or other accounting software at the click of a button. 

Save time & money

According to the Australian Tax Office, it costs businesses around $30 to process a paper invoice and $27 for an emailed PDF invoice. The cost of processing an eInvoice is less than $10. Businesses are also paid faster using eInvoicing, which is great news for your bottom line.

HandiSoft helps unlock client opportunities

Eliminate human error

With the need for sorting, printing and keying in data removed, eInvoicing cuts out many manual functions that can lead to mistakes and even more time wasted on processing invoices. The technology uses standardised data that is validated before the invoice hits your Attaché software and is processed automatically.

HandiSoft Dashboards and Reports

The Australian Government will require all Australian Commonwealth Government agencies to be able to receive Peppol eInvoices by 1 July 2022. That means that if you do business with any government agencies, you will need to be set up to send and receive eInvoices, by then.

Other businesses are already lining up to benefit from this initiative by moving to eInvoicing, and many are offering beneficial trading terms for companies willing to transact in this way.

Whether you run a boutique or a burger joint, our Customer Success Team can help you make the most of eInvoicing, and support your business with the freedom to do more.

Take back control

No more lost invoices or wondering about the status of your payments. Track when they’ve been received, approved and processed. Follow your invoices from start to finish.

Handisoft delivers effortless compliance

Good for the planet!

Say goodbye to paper invoices and emails with PDFs that need to be printed and reviewed. Less paper means a smaller environmental footprint, and that’s a feature we can all get behind.

Handisoft delivers effortless compliance

Be Confident about Compliance

We have teams of people ensuring our software does what it needs to do around compliance and legislation, so that you can focus on your business.

Learn more about the rollout of eInvoicing in 
Australia and New Zealand. 

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